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Immigration departments of States and Territories

This post is for those interested in obtaining visas which require state sponsorship i.e. visas 176 and 886.
Here is a list of websites of the immigration departments of Australia’s various states and territories.
Victoria: http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/ViewPage.action
South Australia: http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/site/index.php
Western Australia: http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/
Queensland: http://www.workliveplay.qld.gov.au/dsdweb/v4/apps/web/content.cfm?id=4044
NSW: http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/state_independent_migration.asp
Northern Territory: http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/
Tasmania: http://www.development.tas.gov.au/migration/skilledmigration.html
ACT: http://www.act.gov.au/CAP/accesspoint?action=menuHome
The skills in demand in each of the state can be found by visiting the immigration departments websites of the respective states.
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