Baba Education Consultancy has been providing different services on the side of Education and Migration Services to facilitate the immigrants in Australia. Service that Baba Education has been providing are listed below.

i. Taxation Services

Baba Education Consultancy, in Australia, has been providing tax return services to all the international students or other visa holders every year in the cheapest price. We also offer discounts to our loyal clients. ABN declaration and tax return services are provided by Baba Education Consultancy.

ii. Overseas Student Health Cover

Baba Education Consultancy has been also providing OSHC service from a different provider to the Student Visa holder or to those who are in the process of Student Visa lodgement. OSHC is one of the most requirement of Australian High Commission to grant a visa. OSHC helps you to protect and safeguard your health check-up. It is the health Insurance for Student Visa holder which covers the cost of health check-up and medical requirement of the student while holding student visa in Australia.

iii. Overseas Visitor Health Cover

This Insurance is basically for the Visitor Visa holder and 485 visa holders. It has fortnightly, monthly or once off payment option provided by the respective provider. Baba Education Consultancy provides this insurance in the competitive rate and has high demand.

iv. Travel & Ticketing
Enquire us for Flights along with Hotel Booking & Packages to Nepal

Why Baba Education Consultancy?

Baba Education Consultancy has the high visa success rate and huge number of enrolment within the Australian Education Provider from both offshore and onshore. Highly qualified and well-trained team are pursuing optimum client satisfaction by coordinating with the Students from different part of the world and renowned educational providers.

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